Finding the Right Consulting Forester

What to look for

We can give you peace of mind

Here are they key charactericist of a good consulting forester

A good forester maximizes the value of your timberland

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Here are 5 questions to ask

How long have you been in business?

To be an expert it takes many years of on-hands experience. While there is not hard rule on the minimum amount of experience, anyone with more than 20 years experience should suffice. Typically, the more experience someone has, the more they can help you navigate potential tricky forestry issues.

How will I be charged for your services?

The contractor should clearly describe charging methods up front. Some services will be offered on a flat fee or bid for a defined scope of work. For harvest management work, the consulting forester is often paid on a commission or percentage of log sales income.

Do you have a written contact?

This one is important. A written contract that specifies the responsibilities of both parties in the transaction in required. The agreement is legally binding and protects both parties from frustrating misunderstandings and costly disputes. If they say "I can draw one up.", this might be a sign they don't have a standard contract.

Do you have the insurance coverage?

This is another crucial question. Ask to see the forester’s certificates of coverage. If something goes wrong, insurance can step in to make things right.

Do you have any references?

This one is often overlooked. Ask to see their references or testimonials. A good forester should have several and be willing to produce them upon request.

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