Your questions answered

No.  We will visit with you to understand your goals and then give you an estimate on any services you request.

Absolutely. We manage 30,000 acres for Arden Tree Farms, Inc. and LOVE the outdoors so we know a thing or 2 about maximizing it for recreational purposes.

Our rates vary according to the project & scope.

The consulting business is fairly new, but we have been doing timberland analysis, harvesting and projects since 1958, which has been on our own land. That’s almost 65 years! We know a thing or 2 about trees.

We cover the NE corner of Washington, that being Ferry, Stevens and Pend Oreille counties.

Great question. We have been providing timberland services as Arden Tree Farms for 65 years. All the services listed were applied to our 30,000 acres. We are essentially doing the same work we have always done, but now are doing it for the public.

Thank you Arden Tree Farms for sharing your professional knowledge with our youth.
Kettle Falls Resident
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