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A one-stop shop for timberland advice and services. We can help you.

We deliver unique solutions for landowners in NE Washington allowing you to maximize the value of your timberland. From doing the initial assessment to complete timber harvesting with slash pile burns. We can outline a plan that works with your goals. 

(from left to right) Loader putting logs onto a truck, Processor delimbing logs & Skidder bringing timber to the landing

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Counties Served

Map of Ferry, Stevens & Pend Oreille County - showing cities of Republic, Danville, Kettle Falls, Northport, Evans, Colville, Chewelah, Valley, Springdale, Loon Lake, Hunters, Gifford, Metaline Falls, Ione, Cusick, Usk, Newport, Kalispel
Serving the Ferry, Stevens & Pend Oreille counties

Serving the cities (and surrounding areas) of Colville, Chewelah, Kettle Falls, Springdale, Hunters, Northport, Republic, Curlew, Metaline, Ione, Cusick, Newport, Deer Park, Loon Lake, Spokane & more.

Some of our work

Clayton's wingspan (or hug) shows this Douglas Fir is about 4-ft in diameter. Trees this large are rare on managed timberland.

ATF Timberland Consulting, LLC. is a subsidiary of Arden Tree Farms, Inc.

ATF Timberland Consulting was formed with the specific purpose of providing consulting services to the public in NE Washington.

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