Riparian Management

Sort through the WMZ & RMZ nuance

Ensure you are in compliance with the DNR

Riparian Management is taking care of areas which can transition from wet to dry. These areas include dry creeks on your ground.

How we can help you

WMZ = Wetland Management Zone

RMZ = Riparian Management Zone

The old culvert wasn't friendly for fish transit & undersized, so it was removed and natural' stream channel was constructed.

We recently downgraded a fish-stream to a non-fish-stream resulting in low-cost access to over 200-acres of timberland. Had the downgrade not occurred, the cost to build DNR-approved access would have approached $50K.

If you think you might be able to down-grade a stream, give us a call to put our expertise to work for you. No cost initial consultation.

Comprehensive Video on Riparian Management Zones

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