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If you own timberland and don't have forestry experience, the number #1 thing you should do is reach out to an expert. Having a forest is not a buy-it and leave-it investment. It needs occasional oversight. Find someone who can walk with you to ensure you have the knowledge & tools to maintain your investment.


We recently purchased a 140-acre parcel of land in Kettle Falls, WA. It’s a beautiful piece of property that we intend to use for family recreation; however, being from Texas, we were unfamiliar with the area, specifically maintenance concepts related to fire prevention for a big track of wooded land. Meeting with Arden Tree Farms and discussing their turn-key property management consulting services, significantly decreased our anxiety surrounding wildfires and opened our eyes to the benefits of long-term forestry conservation planning. Arden Tree Farms developed a multi-year plan for our property, embraced our vision for use and addressed our concerns regarding the impact to the land. With the initial phase of our plan now complete, we’re extremely happy with the results in every regard. I’d highly recommend ATF Timberland Consulting if you need help making your large-acreage property dreams reality.
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We can write timber management plans for your property so it stays in a timber tax classification. This is important b/c it will lessen your county property tax.

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