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Doing a formal inventory will give you insights into species composition, tree density, basal area, and volume, and help you document change (e.g., growth and mortality) in your forest over time.
Many landowners just walk through their forest to make a rough assessment of their forest characteristics. While this is better than a “windshield cruise”, doing a more formal inventory gives you an understanding for what is happening in your forest.
After doing a professional assessment many landowners are surprised at how different the formal inventory is vs. their initial visual inspection.
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Forest Inventory Techniques for Family Timberland Owners Publication
76-pg document on Inventory Techniques in the PNW for Family Forest Owners
ATF Timberland Consulting, LLC is the real deal when you're looking for ways to make your land and timber the best it can be. Our community is lucky to have such knowledgeable people right here to help.
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